Matching Sony A7Rii to Canon C300

First disclaimer: This isn’t a perfect match.  It’s almost impossible to match two cameras from two different manufacturers out of the camera.  You can get close sometimes.  You have to finesse in post with a grading solution.  Even then, it isn’t always a perfect match.

Second disclaimer: You may not like the look.  Sorry.  It works for us.  The Canon look out of the box with the EOS line is somewhat red and overstated. We developed the Canon look below to retain some of the Canon colorimetry while dialing down some of the harshness and saturation in reds.

Third disclaimer: This is not a flat profile workflow.  I have heard a lot of horror stories about matching Sony S-log and Canon Log.  This is a workflow with color looks set in.

That out of the way, here is the color profile we shoot with for our Canon C100, C300 and C500:

Modified Canon EOS C300 CP

Gamma: EOS Standard

Black: Master Ped -4

Knee:Knee Point 95

Skin Detail: Chroma 16

Area 16

Y Level 16

Color Matrix: Select: EOS Standard

Color Matrix: Gain -25

Color Matrix: Phase 8

Color Matrix: R-G 41

Color Matrix: R-B -12

Color Matrix: G-R 0

Color Matrix: G-B 0

Color Matrix: B-R 0

Color Matrix: B-G 2

Nothing revolutionary.  Just a de-saturated EOS Standard gamma and matrix with little color adjustment.

We tried to get the A7Rii as close as possible.

Here’s what we did to PP4:

Modified Sony PP4

Black Level: -9

Gamma: ITU709

Black Gamma: Range: Middle

Knee: Mode: Auto

Color Mode: ITU709 Matrix

Saturation: -15

Color Phase: -1

Not perfect by any stretch, but not bad.  That’s with 2 weeks under our belt.  We will modify again once we get into a grade scenario and see if we can change at the camera level to make life a little easier.

This isn’t a fool-proof match and you mileage may vary.  Just a starting point to try to get the Canon and Sony worlds talking a little bit more.