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Matching Sony A7Rii to Canon C300

Matching Sony A7Rii to Canon C300

First disclaimer: This isn’t a perfect match. It’s almost impossible to match two cameras from two different manufacturers out of the camera. You can get close sometimes. You have to finesse in post with a grading solution. Even then, it isn’t always a perfect match.

Steampunk stand for MacBook Pro

I steampunked my MacBookPro

I love my 17-inch, early 2011 MacBook Pro. Great machine. Quick, quiet and just generally beautiful. On a remote edit job in Chicago this summer, I learned how versatile and powerful this thing was as I slammed a ton of video together in FCP.

First Week with Premiere CS6

We produce two TV shows for the Pursuit network. Our SOP has been to take everything provided by the field producers, compress it to ProResLT 1920 x 2080 29.97, drop it into FCP and roll. Encoding everything to a single format prior to editing turned out to be a critical step because it eliminated a lot of rendering, temporal and spatial goofiness and just made FCP 7 work a lot better.

10Gig ethernet: The holy grail of connectivity

When we dropped in our gigabit ethernet SAN system before Christmas, we were amazed at how seamless we could have multiple FCP editors working with the same footage. It just worked.

Except when some one was heavily saturating the network by rendering or coping large files to the SAN. Then it felt like a rerun of Max Headroom with stuttering and dropped frames to the Flanders monitor.